Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February 2019

This month’s unit focuses on one of the  topic of Getting Along With Others. As we assist our young adults in the transition from school to work, it is necessary that they receive training in getting along with other people in a variety of relationships. The unit provides a focus on how relationships are different and how our behavior should reflect these differences.

The unit stories help young adults learn about how to get along with others. The first Topic Story follows a young man who begins his first job. He has the skills needed to do the job, but understands that his social skills are just as important as his job skills. The story emphasizes appropriate ways to treat co-workers, supervisors and customers. The second Topic Story addresses the social skills that are used when meeting new people. Three articles further explore how to get along with others as each focuses on different types of relationships. Close relationships, work relationships, friendships and interactions with acquaintances and strangers are covered. The aligned activities cover socially acceptable interactions, including understanding when trust has been lost, sending appropriate text messages and following community rules.

Other monthly lessons support practical application of math concepts with content that addresses time calculation, money problems, banking and budgeting. Realistic content and practical application are emphasized in these lessons. Social skills are stressed using a monthly calendar of social trivia as well as communication scenarios that supplement the unit topic.

Employment continues to be a regular focus for several lessons each month. Lessons include exploring different jobs, reading job ads, completing job applications and practicing interview skills. Positive attitudes on the job are addressed with simple, realistic scenarios that present examples of how to interact with co-workers and supervisors.